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NEEWORRA Five Acres Mungindi $29,950

Five (5) Acres Hobby Farm Retreat Block 9km Mungindi

NEEWORRA Five Acres Mungindi $29,950

Tullamore Former Hospital 3 Residences 6000m2 $350,000

Could return 12 % per annum or $810pw

Tullamore Former Hospital 3 Residences 6000m2 $350,000

6brm House on Half Acre Collarenebri $135,000

Rent to Own plan available

 6brm House on Half Acre Collarenebri $135,000

Wee Waa former workshop in CBD $79950

RENT TO OWN $29,950 Down Rent $833-33pcm 5yrs Buy it for $1 in 2024

Wee Waa former workshop in CBD $79950

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My name is Dave Smith and I began selling cheap country Real Estate in 1988.
In those days I was selling land for $950 a block and Homes from $15,000.

Well those days are gone forever

We are Real Estate Dealers not estate agents We own or our friends own the property we sell

We do not take listings from the public. I you have some cheap real estate we may be interested in buying it

But we do not act as agents

If you are looking for a Coastal Home or a stone cottage at Bowral with a rose garden
and picket fence then try the local agents as all our property is in western south western
and north western NSW. Generally about 4 to 8 hours from Sydney In small villages & towns

At Cheapcountryland.com we only sell cheap property out in the country, Our Building blocks
start at $9950, Our Houses start at $99,950 so as you may appreciate they do not have
harbour views.nor do they have pools and spa baths at these prices

We pride ourselves on offering very cheap land and homes

Cheap Country real estate for just about everyone Our properties are an alternative to high
priced city real estate or even regional centre’s which are now expensive Example Land in
Griffith Wagga, Dubbo or Tamworth is now well over $160,000 for a building block Average
house prices are now around $350,000 -$450,000

To think of all those thousands well Millions of people paying off half million dollar mortgages
in Sydney and Melbourne, Crawling to work every day on crowded freeways or jammed into trains
like sardines Its little wonder road rage and stress has exploded in the cities , Well you can keep all of that

Remember our motto once penned by Mark Twain “Buy Land !!! There not making it anymore”

If you want a tree-change then come live in the bush “Reduce your co$ts, As well as your blood pressure”                                                                                                                                                                then ring me anytime on (02) 6881-6296 or 0439 227 066

Dave Smith


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