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NEEWORRA Five Acres Mungindi $29950

Five (5) Acres Hobby Farm Retreat 9km Mungindi

NEEWORRA Five Acres Mungindi  $29950

Wee Waa former workshop in CBD $69,950

Rent to Own Plan Available

Wee Waa  former workshop in CBD $69,950

Tottenham Four (4) Acres OK to Build $59,950

Town Water Power Phone available

Tottenham Four (4) Acres OK to Build $59,950

Willanthery Riverfront Oasis $29950

Absolute Riverfront Lachlan River 35km Hillston

Willanthery Riverfront Oasis $29950

COLLARENEBRI 6 Bedder on 1/2 Acre $129,950

Returns Ten Percent per annum

COLLARENEBRI 6 Bedder on 1/2 Acre $129,950

Tullamore Ex Hospital 15 brm 6000m2 was $495k now $395,

Rent possibilities $830pw, What a knick

Tullamore Ex Hospital 15 brm 6000m2 was $495k now $395,

Emmaville 645m2 Building Block $15,000

Rent to own plan $2999 down $200 a month 5yrs

Emmaville 645m2 Building Block $15,000

Shop House Theatre One Acre $99,950

Rent to Own Plan

Shop House Theatre One Acre $99,950

Wellingrove Half Acre block $7500

Reduced for cash Money

Wellingrove Half Acre block $7500

Acres Converted Railway Carriage $125,000

Cheap Country Hideaway on Edge of Township

Acres Converted Railway Carriage $125,000

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Come Live In The Country, Reduce Your Co$ts As Well As Your Blood Pressure !!!

We are N-S-W number 1 Country Real Estate Supermarket who specialise in low cost country property and have since 1988

No Need For Finance Just Rent To Own !!!

Announcing our exciting new Rent to Own plan we’re you put down $1.00 under say Twenty (20%) Percent upfront. This is called an option premium. The other Eighty (80%) Percent is paid monthly over 5 years as rent and you buy the property for just $1.00 at the end of the term. Total cost of plan is the asking price plus any outgoings such as rates insurance and general maintenance. Solicitor approved in writing. No other costs fees charges. No Interest No Banks No Bullsh*t.

Are These Australia's Cheapest Properties ?

You wont find cheaper Real Estate than at Cheap Country Land. Acres Houses Land Shops starting at just $6,300. In most cases during our current Sale prices are 25% to 33% off normal prices
"You cant beat that with a stick"







 Come live in the Country,Reduce your co$ts & your blood pressure . 
   Announcing our

   Crisis What Crisis Sale ?


Now that the biggest “Crime of the Century” is almost over we are having a sale Prices have been reduced up to 33% off usual prices for quick cash sale,

We may consider all Sorts of Trades of Property, Shares, Machinery, Vehicles, Boats or What have you. 




Wee Waa former mechanics workshop on 850m2 block, CBD location opposite Christian School, Town of 3000, 20 minutes Narrabri . Put down $13,989 as your option premium, Rent it for 60 months at $932.66 a month then at the end of the lease and option buy it for just $1.00. Cost of plan is $69,950 plus your rates and insurance. 



Sick of the City Rate Race 

Live in the Bush!

We don’t have much left but hopefully will have some nice cheap properties coming up around Tenterfield and Blayney over next month or so so keep you eyes on our website for details.

Remember our RENT TO OWN plan allows you to pay for your property over five years by paying 20% upfront as option premium then you rent it for five years then at the end of the term you simply buy it for just one dollar. Total cost of plan is the actual price only plus rates and outgoings. nothing more to pay apart from transfer costs.

Sales of cheap property are going viral if you will excuse the pun. But compared to the cities there is bugger all corona virus around the bush

Since the corona virus outbreak many people are now realising they can work from home thanks to technology and a smart phone IPAD or Laptop can let them work almost anywhere .

I havnt lived in Sydney since 1991 and rely on our website, Email and my mobile phone to conduct my business. Have seen four clients only in almost 10 years everything can be done by email post and phone these days . Thanks to technology many people don’t need to go to the office anymore.

I live in Dubbo but thanks to technology I could be on Ayers Rock and it wouldn’t make any difference contracts transfers forms can all be emailed and my city law clerks can take care of stamp duty and title registration. I don’t have to be anywhere near the city at all now days.


     Reduce your co$ts as well

     as your blood pressure !!!


            Ring us 24/7 on either

    0439 227 066 or 02) 6881 6296    


            “Live in the Bush, Reduce your co$ts & your Blood Pressure”



We are happy to assist buyers in arranging their stamp duty and transferring their title at NO COST WHATSOEVER apart from outgoings and disbursements for either cash sales or completion of rent to own plans.

The old Land Titles Office has been privatized and is now known as the Land Registry of NSW. Transfer of all titles are no longer done manually and are now only accepted electronically through PEXA who charge a fee and as a result all transfer fees have now increased.

As from 1st July 2019 all transfers of title will be done electronically through PEXA and our city law clerks have advised of new fee schedule

The new charge to transfer title from Buyer to Seller now totals $795.00 plus stamp duty which depends on value of the property (example stamp duty rates:$10,000 = $145.00 , $20,000 = $285 $35,000 = $522.50, $60,000=$960.00, $100,000=$1992.00.)

We do not charge anything to do all the paperwork prepare documents and attend to postage but disbursements are unavoidable and need to be paid by the purchaser on completion of sale. That’s is Transfer fee of $795.00 plus Stamp uty. These fees and duty are to be paid on completion or settlement of the matter.


The purchase of any Real Estate is an important financial decision so you should seek the advise of a trained financial expert to make sure the investment is right for you.  Feel free to consult your Accountant Financial Adviser ,Licensed Conveyencer or Legal Practitioner for your own independent financial advise.



We are NOT Estate Agents but are Real Estate Dealers who buy and sell low cost property across NSW. We began in 1988 and still are the States low cost real estate supermarket specialising in affordable property. We do not accept listings from the public but buy cheap country real estate from time to time either under option or by private treaty or public auction.

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